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7 harsh realities in social media

March 20, 2010

Great presentation by Netlash on the reality of social media for most brands, asking some very important questions, such as whether anyone will read your blog, follow your twitterstream, join your Facebook fan page, use your community, spread your viral, generate content for you, or if you’ll even have the resource to support you, let alone get buy-in from your employees to help you join ‘the conversation’ (see here). Thanks to Mathias Bauer at Berens Bauer Belocassi


Talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words

March 3, 2010

Following on from my post about assessing the impact of social innovation, I though the following Michael Foot quote from The Guardian, summed up the sad truth about social innovation in the UK, and Web 2.0 commentators:

“Describe the challenges by all means,” he said, “but don’t confuse analysis with action. The one must lead to the other if it is to be useful to people.”

Assessing the impact of Social Innovation

February 28, 2010

I carried out some pilot research last year for NESTA Connect on collaborative innovation with Dr Alain Samson at the LSE. One of the areas we looked at as part of our thin slice was Social Innovation 2.0 (e.g. where Web 2.0 meets Open Collaboration), which has captured the imagination of various funding bodies and institutions. Social Reporter David Wilcox had kindly mentioned a video about the social entrepreneur landscape from the 2gether08 gathering, and it was interesting to hear an admission that there’s a danger of a Fools’ Gold Rush where from time to time you get social entrepreneurs crowding in to do something that look goods at the time, but doesn’t turn out to exceed expectations. (more…)

Jaron Lanier talks about the failure of web 2.0

February 28, 2010

Great little podcast interview with ‘digital guru’ Jaron Lanier from The Guardian last week, which seems to reiterate some of the points made in the When the net’s wisdom of crowds turns into an online lynch mob article I mentioned in my earlier post (see here) – particularly as far as pack mentality and cyber-bulkanization are concerned. (more…)